Little Antidote from Germany that Saved our Nights

Oh, let me tell you about our struggle with finding the right cream for our little one's eczema! It felt like we tried everything – Mustela, Aquaphor, Physiogel, you name it – but nothing seemed to work. It was so disheartening to see our son's skin condition persist despite all our efforts. But then, a friend from Seoul, which is like a mecca for K-beauty and skin health, suggested EUBOS baby cream. Now, I had never even heard of this German brand living in NYC, and even our pediatrician wasn't familiar with it.

So, we decided to do some online research and take a leap of faith. Getting our hands on the cream was a bit of a hassle back then, as it had to come all the way from Germany, but we were willing to wait. As any mom would do, I tested it on my skin first to make sure it was safe. Luckily, I felt really comfortable with how it made my skin feel.

Now, EUBOS didn't miraculously make our son's eczema vanish, but we noticed a significant improvement in just a few days. What made it special for our little one was that it worked quickly enough during the day to give his skin some relief. That way, he wouldn't scratch all night while trying to sleep. With other lotions and creams, we'd see some improvement during the day, but then the itching would come back at night, and it felt like we were stuck in a loop.

We've been so happy with EUBOS that we've recommended it to our friends and family who struggle with sensitive skin issues. And you know what? The feedback has been fantastic! I'd love to know if you have any cream recommendations too – please share!

(*Just a quick note – everything I shared here is purely based on our personal experience, and Pokka Kids has no affiliation whatsoever with the EUBOS brand.)

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