Little Antidote from Germany that Saved our Nights

cream eczema

After trying so many different types of over the counter creams and lotions for our son with eczema (Mustela, Aquaphor, Physiogel, etc. etc. etc…), we felt miserable because nothing really helped his skin condition. Then, our friend from Seoul, recommended EUBOS baby cream. While EUBOS was already an established German brand in South Korea, as a mom living in NYC, I had never heard of this brand and neither did our pediatrician. We did some research online and decided to give it a try. It was difficult to find it back then, and we had to wait several weeks until it arrived from Germany.

As always, I tested it on my skin first and felt comfortable with how my skin felt. It did not eliminate his eczema completely, but there was significant improvement in only a few days. For our son, the key was that the EUBOS cream worked quickly enough during the day to allow his skin to heal just enough so that he would not scratch all night while he was sleeping. With other lotions and creams, it would improve a bit during the day but then he would scratch all night and we would have to start all over again the next day.

We have since recommended EUBOS lotion to our friends and family who have sensitive skin issues and the feedback has been great. Do you have any cream you can recommend? Please share!

(*Please note that this is solely from our personal experience and Pokka Kids is not affiliated in any way with the EUBOS brand.)

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