Our Cotton

GOTS Certified organic cotton that made Pokka Kids dye free baby clothing in Brooklyn, New York

We strongly believe in our cotton because it is:

  • GOTS certified organic (Japan Origin)

  • Dye-free (ALL NATURAL WITHOUT ANY DYES) or AZO free dyes

  • lint free

  • breathable

  • super light

  • super soft (and even softer with each wash)

  • fast drying

  • shrink free

Pokka Kids only makes products with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Using only GOTS certified organic cotton was challenging in many ways, but we believe that it was the only way to ensure that our products were truly organic. GOTS certification also ensures that we are doing our best to protect the environment and support socially responsible manufacturing, given their strict environmental and social standards along the entire textile supply chain. (Please see www.global-standard.org to learn more about the GOTS certification.)

For your reference, the GOTS Certificate Reference Number for Pokka Kids Organic Cotton is PRJ 005030/252018.

All of our products are dye-free (ALL NATURAL WITHOUT ANY DYES) or made with AZO free dyes. AZO dyes are potentially carcinogenic and can be easily absorbed through the skin or saliva. AZO dyes have been banned in EU and certain Asian countries (e.g., Japan, China, India and Vietnam). While there have been AZO dye related product recalls, the US does not currently ban AZO dyes and more than half of commercial dyes currently in use are AZO dyes. We strongly recommend that caregivers consider purchasing AZO free garments, especially for children.

Our fabric is thin, breathable, and there is virtually no lint. It dries very quickly to minimize bacteria growth on the fabric. There is virtually no shrinkage (shrinkage ranges from 1.3%-1.9% only).

Our fabric is super soft (and even softer with each wash). Our fabric is machine washable, but the nature of the fabric requires simple but specific care instructions, so be sure to follow them carefully. (Please see our “Care Instructions” (Click Here) page in the main menu.)

It is normal to see the occasional natural cotton flecks in our fabric. The polka dots on the fabric are jacquard, which means they are woven onto the fabric, not screen printed with harsh chemicals.

It was a difficult journey to find our cotton.

We are very proud of making our products with such premium quality fabric.