Our Story


When the founders, a husband and wife team, saw their children suffering from eczema, they knew they had to take action. They wanted to create baby clothing that was not only safe for their children but also kind to the environment.

After traveling the world and realizing the importance of people and protecting our planet, they poured their hearts into creating the perfect baby garment. They chose 100% organic cotton gauze, a fabric that is not commonly used for baby clothes but one that they knew would provide the best breathability and comfort for sensitive skin.

Despite the challenges of working with such a delicate fabric, they refused to compromise on quality. They insisted on using only GOTS certified organic cotton, knowing that it was the only way to ensure the authenticity and social responsibility of their products. They went above and beyond to eliminate any potential irritants, leaving the garment chemical free.

Their dedication to quality and safety didn't stop there. They searched tirelessly for the best local clothing makers they could trust to bring their vision to life. And they succeeded.

The passion that drove the founders to create Pokka Kids is evident in every stitch and detail of their products. It's a true labor of love, just like becoming a parent.