Eczema Remedies That “Actually” Worked

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You are on a journey searching for all possible remedies for your child’s eczema. After trying all sorts of different solutions, one day, you realize there really isn't one simple answer.

Today, I want to share remedies that moms found helpful in easing their children’s eczema. While every child’s skin is different, having many options is always good.


“At the end of the day we went with Babo organics and loved it. Gluten free helps many.”

A family member had it bad as a kid. She said her mother used to use regular oatmeal in a white tube sock as her ‘soap.’ She didn’t use any type of real soap when bathing. Now she used the Eucerin Intensive Repair with the red cap when she has a flare up.”

“Eliminating dairy from diet.  Probiotics & Aveeno eczema therapy balm.”

“Walmart sells a cream called Eczema cream by Triderma and it was the only thing that worked for my Daughter. Another mom recommended it. We had used everything Dr. recommended and nothing worked.”

“Liquid Dove Sensitive soap did wonders for my daughter.”

“Neem oil and Aquaphor”

“Aveeno eczema cream and Aquaphor”

“Weleda skin food. Nontoxic and effective.”

“Coconut oil”

“Bleach baths once/twice a week during flares; Cerave Baby cream and Aquaphor after bath and at wake up.”

A little cortisone cream mixed with Cerave cream.”

“My baby has mild eczema on her legs. Not that really bad. I am just using my hand to lather her body with baby Eucerin Eczema Therapy Body Wash. I never failed to put Eucerin Eczema Body Relief Lotion and it works on her. Her skin is smooth now but I am still doing our routine. I am showering her every other day.”

“Cerave + Vaseline. If the skin breaks, hydrocortisone locally.”

If you have an eczema outbreak, mix hydrocortisone with Aquaphor over those parts of skin 2-3x’s a day, and once it’s healed, continue to do it for 3 more days to get it under the skin. For daily treatment, Cerave everywhere 2x’s a day. Bathe with dove soap daily.”

I don’t bathe him everyday. Always moisturize. I use Aquaphor as well.”

 “Warm bath. Dry off with a low temp hair dryer. Put ‘Sudocream Anticeptic Healing Cream’ on the affected areas. It’s amazing. Get it from amazon and I believe Walmart now has it since they bought out a big UK Supermarket they are now brining some stuff from Europe.”

 “My pedia-dermatologist prescribed Fluticasone (better than cortisone) this worked as a magic. In 2 apply I could see itching completely gone. Using from last 1.5 years on my daughter. Eczema hasn’t gone but controlled with this. Still do once a week makeup or twice if needed. But she is not scratching and living peaceful.”

Figuring out he triggers first is best. Everyone is different. Once you figure that out you can control it better. Eczema will never go away completely so you just have to figure out and keep it controlled. I deal with it and my daughter also thankfully hers isn't too bad.”

“Aveeno Eczema Therapy Nighttime Cream. The one in the tub.”

The remedies were shared on a moms’ social group. *Always consult your physician before trying out new remedies.


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