No Childhood Hunger : Community Pantry

It all began in 2022, when Glen McLeod, the church's devoted moderator, envisioned a food mission that would extend beyond their walls and into the lives of their neighbors. With the support of his son Cameron and brother Jay, they set out to create 24/7 Community Pantry and Fridge.

Their vision became a reality when the doors of the Community Pantry swung open in September of that year. From the very first day, it was clear that this "little project" held the key to transforming countless families.

The pantry's impact surpassed everyone's expectations. The demand for food quickly outpaced the initial "leave what you can, take what you need" system. It was a bittersweet realization—a testament to the tremendous need in our community, but also a reminder of the work that lay ahead.

That's when Shari McLeod, stepped forward. As the wife of Glen, she understood the plight of these families on a deeper level. With unwavering determination, Shari took on the responsibility of running the pantry program. Her days became a whirlwind of coordinating donations, organizing volunteers, and ensuring that the pantry was always stocked and ready to serve those in need. She recognized the importance of collaboration and sought ways to connect surplus food with other organizations in the community. By forging partnerships and working hand-in-hand with local initiatives, Shari ensured that no resource went to waste.

Yet, the need for food continues to grow. As the cost of living rises and government support faces challenges, more families are finding themselves in the grip of food insecurity. It is a daunting reality, but it only fuels the fire within the hearts of the McLeod family.

Their dedication and passion have led to the creation of the Village Food Hub—a nonprofit organization set to open its doors this fall. Through this initiative, fresh and healthy food will find its way not only to the Community Pantry but to other organizations in the Merrimack Valley. It is a testament to the resilience and unwavering commitment of these remarkable individuals—a symbol of their unyielding belief in a future where no child goes to bed hungry.

With the summer break in full swing, the need for food becomes even more critical for our local school children. As they are no longer receiving meals from the school, it is imperative that we rally together to support initiatives like the Community Pantry at Ballard Vale United Church.

Pokka Kids wants to be part of their mission. Throughout the summer months, we are committed to donating 100% of our proceeds to the Community Pantry when customers use the code "FOODFORCHILD" during their purchase.

Let's stand hand in hand, united in our mission to nurture our community and ensure that no child goes to bed hungry this summer.

To support Community Pantry, please visit the link below to see many options.


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