Eczema Remedies That “Actually” Worked

For all sleep lacking moms! So, imagine this - you're on this journey, just like me, searching high and low for anything that might help with your little one's eczema. You've tried this, tried that, and guess what? There's no one-size-fits-all answer.

But don't worry, mamas, because today I want to spill the beans on what other moms have found helpful for their kiddos' eczema. You know, sharing is caring, right?

So, there's this lovely mom who swears by Babo Organics, and guess what? It's gluten-free, and that seems to do wonders.

Then, get this, another mom remembers her own mom using regular oatmeal in a sock as 'soap.' No real soap, just Eucerin Intensive Repair with the red cap during flare-ups. Talk about old-school wisdom!

Some moms are waving goodbye to dairy, introducing probiotics, and slathering on Aveeno Eczema Therapy Balm. A Walmart find – Eczema cream by Triderma – is the hero for another mom. And get this, it worked when everything else failed. Mom power, right?

Now, here's a soft touch – Liquid Dove Sensitive soap worked wonders for another mom's daughter. Gentle and effective, just what we want.

Oh, and there's a mom bringing out the big combo – Neem oil and Aquaphor. Talk about a dynamic duo!

More options, you say? How about Aveeno Eczema Cream and Aquaphor? Or Weleda Skin Food – non-toxic and gets the job done.

And then there's the coconut oil fan club. Simple, natural, and oh-so-moisturizing.

Now, brace yourself – bleach baths once or twice a week, followed by Cerave Baby cream and Aquaphor. A little intense, but hey, if it works!

For a tiny bit of flare-up, a dab of cortisone cream mixed with Cerave cream does the trick. And here's a secret weapon – hydrocortisone mixed with Aquaphor. Three times a day during an outbreak, then three more days after it's healed. It's like magic!

But wait, there's more! Cerave everywhere twice a day for daily treatment. Bathe with Dove soap daily, and voila!

And here's a gentle reminder – not every day needs a bath. Always moisturize, and Aquaphor is a go-to for one mom.

Now, here's a cozy routine – warm bath, low-temp hair dryer, and Sudocream Antiseptic Healing Cream. Magical, right? You can grab it on Amazon or even at Walmart.

Okay, I've got something from a pedia-dermatologist – Fluticasone. Better than cortisone, apparently. It worked like magic for one mom's daughter. Controlled eczema for 1.5 years and counting. Talk about a superhero cream!

Oh, and a wise mom suggests figuring out those triggers first. We're all different, aren't we? Once you crack the code, you can keep it under control. Eczema might not vanish, but hey, we can manage it.

And for those cozy nights, there's Aveeno Eczema Therapy Nighttime Cream in the tub. Sweet dreams, little ones!

Remember, these tips came from a moms' social group. And hey, before you go all-in, check with your doctor. Safety first! Wishing your little ones smooth and happy skin! 💖

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