Momhood with Robin Toomb

Mother with a toddler girl

How do we do it? Get the scoop from moms who make it work—from sharing crazy daily routine and that one secret weapon making them feel good. Today's guest is Robin @arabella. Her hands are full with kids and daily workload, but she manages everything beautifully!

1) Let’s Start with your own quote for motherhood and raising children.
Teach your children right from wrong, because if you don’t teach them someone else will and you may not like the results!

2) What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?
The first thing I do when I wake up is check the time. I am an early bird by nature and sometimes I wake too early. Sometimes waking several hours before the day starts is just what I need and I’ll take that extra time for myself to prepare for the day. I’ll throw open the windows and check the sky to see if there’s anything beautiful worth venturing out early for. Many times, I’ll find that the weather is right for a beautiful sunrise. So I will walk out to the water and watch the sun rise before starting my day.  Those days are the best!

3) One thing you can’t live without. (other than your family)

4) Where do you want to go for next vacation spot?
Our next vacation will be to NASA because my son was invited for something special! The location is not something I would usually choose for a vacation, but the reason for the trip is something that makes my heart happy! We do love everything space and aviation though, so this will check another NASA / aerospace facility visit off our world checklist! We tend to have most of our vacations include work in some way, shape, or form. This is a typical “vacation” for our family. One day we will plan another exotic escape where we turn off all our electronics and work to actually achieve a traditional “vacation.” :)

5) Best workout/wellness practice?
My favorite workout is Pilates and hiking.

6) Skin care routine for your children and yourself?
I use Cera Ve for me and for my children. My dermatologist recommended it and said all the other high-priced products I was using and buying weren’t worth it. She was right!

7) Healthy meal you always make/buy?
A baby spinach salad. Incredibly easy, incredibly healthy, and incredibly delicious with added fruits! My kids love it and so do I. :)

8) Small stress-saving secret weapon?
Prayer. I pause and pray if I am stressed. That is an incredible release of all my stress and worries.

9) Your recent favorite product?
My new agenda / tiny calendar. This year I’m committing to writing my plans down because it’s going to be a momentous year for us. :)

10) What are you up to lately?
Lately, my two sons have been keeping me very busy with one preparing for a NASA rocket launch and the other preparing for his first car and college!

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