Momhood with Tifarah Monteith

How do we do it? Get the scoop from moms who make it work—from sharing crazy daily routine and that one secret weapon making them feel good. Today's guest is Tifarah Monteith. With her rocking @cutefoodforkids on Instagram, she’s a super talented busy mom for sure. However, she makes sure her days are filled with music and small little happy things!

1) Let’s start with your own quote for motherhood and raising children.

Things don't have to be perfect to be perfect! As moms, it's easy to get bogged down in feeling like we have to do all the things in order to feel like we're doing it right. I try to focus on the things that really matter to me and cross some of the things off the to-do list that matter just a little bit less. Sweeping the floor can wait... tomorrow my girls will be just a little bit older than they are right now, so we try to pack all the magic we can into today.

2) What’s the first thing you do after you wake up?
On school days, I wake up, pop some toast down, and then wake up my second-grader for school. On weekends, I usually sleep in a bit, and then scroll Instagram from bed to see what I've missed from accounts that I follow. 

3) One thing you can’t live without. (other than your family)

Music! I can't do any household task without music in the background. I have different playlists for house cleaning, gardening and yard work, driving, exercise, etc. There's music playing in our house for the better part of every day. 

4) Next vacation spot?
I think my next vacation will likely be to the Yukon this summer to visit my sister in Whitehorse. While I’m there, I hope to visit Alaska… it would be my 41st state!

5) Best workout/wellness practice?
My focus the last few years has been on being active as a family... during the winter we do lots of skiing and skating, etc, and in the summer we love to kayak, swim, bike, and go for walks in our local provincial park. There is so much we can do as a family that keeps us moving and is also fun!

6) Skin care routine for your children and yourself?
I've been pretty loyal to Clinique since I was a teen, so my skincare routine is mostly items from that line. I don't generally wear make-up, so a quick wash morning and night is all it takes for me. My girls are quite independent, so they wash their own faces here or there as needed (especially after yogurt for some reason!) I'll be honest... I police the teeth-brushing, but they're on their own when it comes to faces!

7) Healthy meal you always make/buy?

I love repurposing leftover chicken. With food prices really soaring lately, I stretch a package of five chicken breasts to two full meals for our family of five (often with leftovers), just by shredding the chicken and adding it to homemade soups or a big veggie-and-rice stir fry. The kids also love quesadillas and homemade pizza, and those are usually meals I can make with two chicken breasts or less. 

8) Small stress-saving secret weapon?
Have less stuff! I find too much clutter and mess can give me feelings of anxiety, so I've been on a mission to minimize these last few years. The less stuff we have in our house, the less time I have to spend cleaning it up, which frees up time to do more fun activities with the family. I find it very freeing to focus less on "things" and more on activities and experiences. 
9) Your recent favorite product?

 This past week, I bought three tiny mailboxes at the Dollar Tree, and we set them in the kitchen windowsill and play "mail." The girls and I write each other little notes throughout the day and leave them for each other to find later. It's been a huge hit, a great way to help my youngest practice letter sounds, and the best $4 I've spent in a long time!

10) What are you up to lately?

I have been busy revamping a few things with my business. I do virtual assistance, a bit of social media managing, and have been working on some exciting opportunities through my Instagram, Cute Food For Kids. My youngest starts Kindergarten in September and then it's time to take on a bit more work, so I'm taking the next six months to try a few ideas, see what works, and then decide from there what I will pursue more of this fall. 

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